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  1. hi, I was hoping some of you may be able to offer me an advice to getting my personal items into croatia. The shipping company will process all required paperwork to clear them through customs but it is my understanding that since i am bringing in my personal items I do not have to pay custom duties. From what i was able to understand I need to make an application but they mention something about 6 months, now I am not sure if this mean up to 6 months before i send them or i can bring them into the country and sort it afterwards before the 6 months expire? Also of note was something mentioning bills to say i was in possession of said goods for over 12 months, well most of the items are anything between 3-10 years old and i do not have any bills to say when they were actually purchased, does this make any difference? Or can I just say I had them for said times? thanks
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