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I spent a year at Uppsala University as an exchange student in 1997-98 and never have met more liberal, easy, and available women in Western Europe. Since then I've made several trips back to Sweden and broken my share of Swedish hearts. Swedish women are very liberal about sex. Meaning there isn't any social stigma for women who want to have one-night stands. It is common for kids in highschool who live at home to have their boyfriend or girlfriend spend the night and then eat breakfast with the family in the morning. Additionally, Sex is just Sex for many women in Sweden. Meaning often times they are after the same thing that you are and therefore you don't need to worry about the morning after.


Uppsala is about an hour away from Stockholm on the train and a real university city with tons of bars and tons of easy ladies. The university bars are called Nation bars and the government subsidizes the cost of beer here. The good news is that the is kept out of these bars by their entry policy( So you won't run in to any big dick guys from Nigeria or ex-terrorists from Syria). Only students who have a Nation card can enter. Meaning only students, visiting academics, faculty members, etc are allowed in to these goldmines of young, drunk,fat and available women. The secret here is that any visiting monger can purchase a week long Nation card from the University guest office which allows for access to these special pubs and discos. You have to go during working hours and I would suggest a decent cover story for the guest office as to why you are in Uppsala, but from there you'll be on easy street



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